CBD To Help You Achieve Those New Years Resolutions

Hello Fellow Sisters,

As the year winds down to an end and we enter a new year many of us are preparing new years resolutions. If you are anything like myself the end of December slowly snowballs into a reflection of my year prompting many troubling questions. What have I done? What didn’t I finish or see through? Am I happy with myself? I gear myself up to make well thought out resolutions of how this will be the year I look and feel my best but by February/March life has taken over and I’m back in my old bad habits. This year I know it’s going to be different.

The most common new years resolutions often involve overall health and wellness of our mind, body and soul. Many of us will join a gym to try and achieve this. Two years ago I was in this position. I got my gym membership, a new water bottle and some fancy new workout clothes but it never stuck. I was sore, I didn’t enjoy “the burn” and I wasn’t seeing fast results. A trainer friend then suggested I tried CBD. I had heard about CBD and its benefits but I had never heard about incorporating it into fitness. Let me tell you, GAME CHANGER.

CBD can firstly help with weight loss because of how it works in our bodies. Our bodies all have a built-in endocannabinoid system that responds to different compounds in the body. The two cannabinoid (CB) receptors are called the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD is not known to activate the CB receptors directly, instead prompting the body’s natural cannabinoids to either block off or activate the receptors. This is thought to play a role in weight loss or other critical metabolic functions. So by regularly taking CBD I was able to have my body burning an efficient amount of fat and seeing faster results. The next benefit that has been the biggest win for myself is CBD is amazing for post workouts. After the gym especially if you are not a professional you might be feeling extremely sore the next day or even a few days later. We often try to push ourselves and aim to look like the people at the gym on TV however many of us are unaware of how to train our bodies to be able to do this without harming ourselves. When you push yourself too hard you create microscopic damage to your muscles causing them to inflame and become stiff and sore. CBD helps relieve inflammation in our muscles making it absolutely ideal after a big workout.

My number one go to products for fitness and CBD is definitely the CBD tincture. However I absolutely love CBD honey on a piece of toast with peanut butter on those cardio intense days!

If you are thinking about getting into fitness, you’re looking to up your fitness game or you want to find a way to actually commit this time, try incorporating CBD into your fitness routine.

Best of luck on your journey, xoxo Sisters CBD <3

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