Protect the longevity of your new tattoos from day one with our Tattoo After Care.
Our tattoo aftercare formula includes the powerful blend of CBD, along with Sweet Almond oil, Lavender, Comfrey, Tee Tree Oil and other beneficial naturally derived ingredients which encourages new skin cell growth and rejuvenates the skin, which leaves you with faster heal time and little To no scarring.
Whether your tattoo is freshly inked or decades old, our tattoo after care is designed to protect your fresh tattoo, while keeping pre-existing ink bright and bold.
With 50mg of CBD per stick, our aftercare cream is particularly helpful for relieving the pain and irritation of new tattoos While it speeds healing time by 2-3 days.
For fresh tattoos, apply over tattoo every few hours, Do not allow your tattoo to dry out, use as often as needed..
For older tattoos, apply as needed for general use. We recommend using the aftercare cream after a shower, before bed, and before and after your skin is exposed to any damaging environmental element, particularly sun.
Perfect size to keep in your purse or vehicle so you can always have it on you.
50mg CBD Per STICK